Business Security


Alarm Systems

A business without a security system is four times more likely to be burglarized than one that has not been secured. Businesses are also vulnerable to many other types of costly hazards such as fire, power outages, and employee theft. Unless you have a comprehensive security system in place, you never know when one of these will wipe out the business you have worked so hard to build. Will you be ready?

At Command Security and Sound we work with you to design a custom security system that is a perfect fit for your unique situation. Our systems are intuitive and user-friendly, with real-time interactive features that help you manage your business while you’re away. They are also simple and straight-forward, securing your peace of mind. We can even work side-by-side with your insurance company to get exactly what you need to meet their requirements – all at a price you can afford.


  • 24-7 System Monitoring
  • Detection of intruders at the moment of break-in
  • On-site alarms, remote notification plus police dispatch
  • Remotely manage system users and codes

Access Control

In today’s business climate the ability to protect your personnel and assets during working hours is as important as it is after closing. Our cutting edge systems combine electronic locking mechanisms with advanced reader and credential technology to provide customized solutions for your business. Our access control systems can help your business increase operational efficiencies and reduce exposure to loss.

Benefits of Access Control:

  • Restrict Unauthorized Access
    • Limit Access to secured areas based upon schedules and/or presentation of proper identification credentials
  • Secure The Workplace
    • Protect employees by preventing unwanted individuals from entering the workplace
  • Create and Audit Trail
    • Track authorized and attempted access to restricted areas with comprehensive event logs
  • Eliminate Key Problems
    • Eliminate the cost of re-keying locks following employee termination and avoid losses due to unauthorized duplication of keys. Cardholders can be eliminated with the simple click of a mouse.

Businesses Security Cameras

No matter how involved you are with your business, nobody can see everything at once. While you’re busy running your business our cameras are busy recording everything else that’s going on, providing you with a high resolution digital record of anything you may have missed. Our systems act as a deterrent to unwanted behavior and give you the ability to review and save incidents of theft, burglary, and property damage. Our cameras also enable you to limit accident liability and to monitor employee productivity.


  • High Resolution Vandal-Resistant Cameras
  • IR Illumination for Nighttime and Low Light Viewing
  • Remote Viewing and User-Friendly Searching via Web Interface
  • Live Viewing from Mobile Devices
  • Maintenance Free Video Storage Ranging from 7 to 60 days
  • Create an Audit Trail
  • 3-10 Year Warranties
  • Professional Installation

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